Tony Cragg Germany, b. 1949


From the early days of the artist's work to the present, the core element of his work was not to focus on any conceptual framework or systematic analysis, but on expressing the energy latent in the evolution and transformation of organic materials in a concrete form. It is an original formative result created by the artist himself through materials that he has continuously studied to provide "the relationship between man and nature surrounding him" as a visual experience, and within the sculpture, new forms and spaces are derived and developed spontaneously, and free movement is constantly flowing through spontaneous transformation.


His work can be largely divided into series called Early Forms and Rational Beings. Early Forms is the longest-running series of his cast works, and is an extensive collection of unique pieces that twist or twist together various types of containers, from ancient flasks to test tubes to glass bottles.


The "Rational Beings" series is a long circumferential work created by stacking vertical-axis-rotating cross-sections, usually made of bronze, steel, or stone, and is the result of Tony Cragg's drawing and modeling. Looking around the work, viewers face a three-dimensional deformation whose shape changes every time they appreciate the work, with the sculpture that initially seemed abstract sometimes reminiscent of something figurative, such as an unexpected momentary facial profile.


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