Chung Sang-Hwa Korea, b. 1932


Chung Sang Hwa was born in Young-duck, Korea. He studied Fine Arts at Seoul National University. He was part of the Korean art scene in the 1970s. He moved to Japan and then on to France until 1992, when he returned to live in Seoul. Jung is one of the important artists we have to refer in order to learn the stream of Korean modern art, so that he influenced and played important role in modern art which has been developed since late fifties, sixties and seventies in 20th century.


He has developed a highly personal body of abstract, geometric and monochromatic work. Based on concepts of the grid and covering, the artist’s meticulous technique plays a paramount role in shaping the work’s execution and its perception. He folds, sculpts, scalps, and then literally rearranges the zinc-based paint that he uses in multiple layers. This perfect mastery developed over years of experimentation is what makes Chung Sang Hwa’s paintings into organised spaces encouraging meditation in the pure oriental tradition. “The closer the viewers’ interest in the plastic visual details of the painting’s sensual surface, in the painter’s subtle interventions, and in the pictorial and physical methods he uses to structure his work, the closer they also come to another meditative and emotional domain of the artistic process, in other words poetry, the genuinely poetic strategy of the artwork,” commented by Lóránd Hegyi.


He had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally including in Korea, Japan and Europe: Gallery Hyundai(Korea), Leeum Art Museum(Korea), Seoul National Art Museum(Korea), Kasahara Gallery(Japan), Gallery Jean Fournier(France) and Poznan Biennale(Poland).


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