Park Kyung-A Korea, b. 1974


Born in Daegu in 1974, Park Kyung-A majored in painting at Yeungnam University, moved to Germany in 1998 and completed the graduate school program at the Münster Kunst Academy. She stayed in Germany until 2007, concentrating on producing artworks. Nearly a decade spent in Germany was a lonely and difficult period for Park, but it was also a precious time of soul searching in her life by revealing her feelings facing reality to find out “who she is” and “what makes the way she is” as an artist. For the past 25 years, Park’s interests have always been directed at her emotions and perceptions. Caspar David Friedrich, a leading proponent of German Romanticism, said, “The painter should paint not only what he has in front of him, but also what he sees inside himself.” Likewise, Park’s art had her identity as an artist as the most important yardstick of art and interest as a subject exerting emotions and imagination, rather than superficial artistic portrayal.

No one can tell whether the bird is singing or crying but depending on our realistic conditions and the emotional psychological state of the moment, the bird might cry or sing, and we empathize with nature and get comfort from it. Park’s pictorial approach through the consistent totality of nature provides a deep vision of a quiet cosmic space where individuals can be self-aware and empathize through their own emotional sensitivity and life experiences in an era where abstract universalism has lost credibility.


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