Chun Sung-Myung Korea, b. 1971


Chun Sungmyung’s ‘Swallowing the Shadow’ which began from 2007 is a story on the repetition of a non-iterative ‘day’ in which a dawn comes after night, starting from noon, and comes back to morning. It is the repetition of ‘today’ which cannot start again: if today passes by, it becomes yesterday, which passes by too to bring in today, and if today passes by, tomorrow encounters today again. Chung presents a circumstance which is neither explicitly a tragedy nor a comedy on a theatrical stage to portray ‘today’, thereby enabling the development of an incidence in tempo-spatiality in the foresight of the audience. A ‘man’ who appears as the main character in his story is expressed as the artist himself. The character represents the image of an objective human being with himself as a medium, instead of existing in an individual stance. The shadow that follows him stands for limitations of a human being and an unstable identity to be able to discover himself only by projecting himself through the constraint of a doomed fate or another object.


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